Child Support

Providing for Your Children After an Ohio Divorce

Making sure that your children have what they need is important and child support can ensure that your children's needs are provided for after a divorce. It is also important, however, to protect your rights during the process of a divorce and to make sure that child support agreements are fair. With such complex issues, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side who can advise you about your best options.

At the Law Offices of Myron A. Wolf, in Hamilton, Ohio, our attorneys and staff have more than 40 years of combined family law experience, and our practice is concerned with the best interests of you and your children. We will help determine whether child support orders are fair and accurate, depending on your individual circumstances, and will stand up for your rights in settlement, in mediation or during litigation.

Child Support Guidelines in Ohio

In Ohio, state guidelines are used to determine the amount of child support that should be paid given the circumstances of each situation. The guidelines work as a formula, using the parents' incomes and other financial information to arrive at the final child support figure. It is important to ensure that what goes into the guideline support formula is accurate and that the child support calculations will not be skewed by faulty or inaccurate data.

Family court judges also have the ability to deviate from the child support guidelines when they see fit. Judges may consider tax issues, medical costs, parenting time, and other factors when weighing the amount of support to award in a given case. Our lawyers will help you present your information accurately and in a manner that will achieve a fair, equitable result.

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